Be a model

Become a model! Please fill in all required fields and don´t forget to attach the photos (1 - 2 photos: face shot and full body shot.  Don´t need to be professional pictures. We prefer pictures without any corrections. Image size max. 200 kB.) For registration of infants and babies under 3 yo please go to BABY BANDIT website.

Bandit Models as a personal data controller, in conjunction with the provision of its services, processes personal data of represented and cooperating models and models interested in future cooperation, in the case of underage models, also of their legal representatives. The Model has the following rights under the General Data Protection Regulation: right to access to personal data, right to correct inaccurate data, right to erasure, right to limited processing, right to be notified of a correction, erasure or limitation of processing, right to portability of personal data, right to raise and objection to the processing of personal data, right to contact the Office for personal data protection.